Paper Porcelain Pendant Lamps
Lightweight collection of pedant lamps designed using a material mix of porcelain, paper and ceramic pigments.
The different typologies of lamps have been created wrapping a mix of paper clay onto existing cylindrical bowls. Like a photocopy, the porcelain and paper mixture mimic the rounded form during the air drying period. Eight different bowls have been used during the creation of this collection, each one with a different shape, diameter, height and functionality such as kitchenware, fruit bowls and soup bowls.
Finally, the replicas were dried using traditional firing and ceramic glazing techniques. As a result of this process, a wide colorful range of lamps and extremely lightweight were obtained. The thin layer of material provides each lamp´s diffuser of a translucent property combined with the natural glazing pigmentation. The application of the ceramic glaze has been done selectively, providing a shiny reflective surface inside the diffuser to ensure an optimum spread of light.

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