Porcelain Coffee Table
Side table consisting of a single porcelain top. Its inspiration comes from the gathering of people during a coffee or tea break.
Honourable mention in Interieur Design Awards (Biennale of Kortrijk, Belgium).
It is a side table made of noble materials. It consists of a single porcelain top and an oak support of three legs. From the porcelain top surface grows a porcelain pot. This is a unique side table as its top is a single porcelain piece.
This pot can be filled with any of the different elements that are typically placed on top of a side table, from snacks like candies, cookies, chocolates, sugar to decoration like a plant, dried flowers, etc.
This piece of furniture enhances the sharing experience between people around the table. Therefore is a suitable side table booth for home use or public places like coffeehouses, restaurants and hotels.

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